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Introducing the elegant Al Haramain L’Aventure Gold Edition, a fragrance that moves beyond time with its perfectly balanced and naturally captivating composition. As you embark on a sensory journey, the initial notes captivate with a breath of nature—bergamot blending harmoniously with the richness of black currant and the freshness of green leaves. This harmonious blend sets the stage for an aromatic experience that invites you to delve deeper. The heart notes unfold like a fragrant tapestry, weaving together floral and fruity elements that elevate L’Aventure Gold to unparalleled heights. Immerse yourself in the delicate allure of jasmine, the timeless elegance of rose, the sweet whispers of lily of the valley, the fruity essence of plum, and the exotic charm of orchid. Each note is a masterpiece, contributing to the symphony of scents that defines this world-class aroma.

As the fragrance evolves, it gracefully dives into the embrace of the base notes, where classics meet sophistication. Musk, with its timeless appeal, intertwines with the warmth of vanilla, creating a seductive undertone. The lingering essence of sandalwood adds depth and character, ensuring that L’Aventure Gold leaves an indelible impression. In every spritz, this perfume transforms into an embodiment of luxury and refinement. It is an aromatic masterpiece that resonates with the sophisticated enthusiast, a composition where nature’s beauty converges with the expertise of master perfumers. Immerse yourself in the temptation of this captivating scent, and let L’Aventure Gold be your ode to timeless elegance and irresistible enchantment.

Product Name Haramain L’Aventure Rose Eau De Parfum
Type Eau De Parfum
Liquid Volume 200ml
Bottle + Liquid Weight 530G
Item Weight 655G
Item Dimension(LxWxH) 6.40 x 6.40 x 17.00 (CM)
CBM (Individual Product) 0.000696m3
CBM (Dozen Box) 0.00972m3
Gender Feminine


AL Haramain


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